Speeches and Presentations

Event keynotes on a variety of topics, including the student experience, strategic enrolment management and factors affecting student performance and persistence have been presented over the years.  Several examples are presented below.

Dietsche, P. (2012). Alternatives to Academic Darwinism: A New Business Model for PSE. Keynote address, International Conference on Student Retention. Orlando, Mar. 3-6.

Dietsche (2012). Transforming Selected Ontario Colleges into New Universities: A Cautionary Tale. Panel presentation for “Three New Campuses for Ontario: A Symposium on Options, Challenges and Possibilities”. Toronto, Feb. 7, 2012.

Dietsche, P. (2011). The Influence of Language Skills on the Attitudes, Experiences and Outcomes of Ontario College Students. Keynote for McGraw-Hill Ryerson, “Stepping it Up Symposium”. Toronto, May, 2011.

Dietsche, P. (2009). Rethinking Advising in PSE: Build It and They Will Come – Not! Keynote address, The Changing Face of Advisement: Weaving Advising into the Fabric of Education. 2009 Ontario Academic Advising Conference. October 2009.

Dietsche, P. (2009). The Promise of Residence Life: Building Community, Achieving Dreams, Developing Leaders. Keynote address, Ontario Association of College and University Housing Officers, annual conference. Oshawa, ON. May 24-26, 2009.

Dietsche, P. (2009). The Ontario College Student Engagement Survey 2006-2008: Assessing the Role of Student Engagement Measures in First Semester College Outcomes. Address to MTCU-EDU senior policy analysts. May 19, 2009.

Dietsche, P. (2008). The First Year Experience, Student Engagement and Success in Ontario Colleges: The 2006-2007 Ontario College Student Engagement Survey. McGraw-Hill Ryerson’s 32nd National Teaching, Learning and Technology Conference, “First Year in Focus”. Ottawa, Ontario. February 22, 2008

Dietsche, P. (2008). Persisting and Leaving as Informed by the Ontario College Student Engagement Survey. Focus on Learning Conference. Eastern Region New Faculty Professional Development Institute. St. Lawrence College. Kingston, Ontario. June 2008.