Our Vision

The vision of PSE Information Systems is based on the ample evidence that the substantial improvement in educational attainment stakeholders argue is necessary to support knowledge-based economies, can only be achieved by adopting a 21st century model, one that is bound to the information age. It is a model that accommodates diversity, focuses on individual learners and creates personalized learning opportunities that lead to experiences typically associated with student success, persistence and high graduation rates.

Evidence for an alternative paradigm of PSE delivery is derived from a variety of sources. Included are the writings of both early and current theorists regarding student achievement and retention, movements within higher education over the past several decades and research on the outputs of higher education, student characteristics, and the student experience. Taken together, the evidence is clear; any desire to substantially improve PSE completion rates requires a significant change in the way higher education institutions interact with students. The goal is to create diverse learning environments tailored to individual students by engineering opportunities for personalized experiences on campus in both the social and academic spheres. A rationale and comprehensive description of this new model is available in the Keynote and Publications sections of the website.